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Duco polish, also referred to as Duco paint or Duco lacquer, is a premium finishing paint widely used in the automotive industry. It is a nitrocellulose- based lacquer known for its exceptional durability and high gloss finish. Duco polish provides a hard and smooth coating that enhances the aesthetic appeal of painted surfaces. It is available in a diverse range of colors and can be applied using spraying or brushing techniques. While it is commonly used in automotive applications, Duco polish is also utilized in furniture finishing, musical instruments, and certain industrial settings.


PU polish, also known as polyurethane polish, is a type of finishing product commonly used in woodwork and furniture industries. It is a protective coating that enhances the appearance and durability of wooden surfaces. PU polish is typically a blend of polyurethane resin, solvents, and additives. It offers excellent resistance to scratches, chemicals, and UV rays, making it ideal for both interior and exterior applications. PU polish provides a smooth and glossy finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood while providing a protective barrier against wear and tear. It is widely appreciated for its longevity and ease of maintenance, making it a popular choice among


Polyester polish is a type of finishing product used in various industries, including woodworking, automotive, and furniture. It is a specialized coating made from polyester resins, solvents, and additives. Polyester polish offers excellent durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and fading. It provides a high-gloss finish that enhances the visual appeal of surfaces while protecting them from environmental factors. Polyester polish is known for its quick drying time and ease of application, making it a preferred choice for achieving a smooth and glossy finish on a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Its versatility and long-lasting performance make it a popular option for achieving a polished and professional look.


Epoxy polish is a specialized type of finishing product widely used in various industries, including flooring, countertops, and crafts. It is a two-part coating composed of epoxy resin and a hardener. Epoxy polish offers exceptional durability, chemical resistance, and a high-gloss finish. It creates a tough, protective layer that enhances the appearance of surfaces while providing resistance to stains, impacts, and abrasions. Epoxy polish is known for its versatility and can be applied to different materials, such as concrete, wood, and metal, providing a durable and glossy surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Its popularity stems from its ability to transform ordinary surfaces into stunning, glossy finishes that stand the test of time.


polish refers to a product used to enhance and protect the appearance of wood surfaces. It is typically applied to furniture, cabinets, floors, and other wooden objects. Wood polish comes in various forms, such as liquid, paste, or spray, and contains ingredients like oils, waxes, solvents, and additives. When applied, it helps to nourish and moisturize the wood, bringing out its natural beauty, color, and grain patterns. Wood polish also provides a protective layer that helps guard against moisture, dust, scratches, and fading. Regular use of wood polish helps to maintain the longevity and luster of wood surfaces, keeping them looking vibrant and well-maintained.

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